Monday, January 04, 2010

old, new love.

“I’ll tell you….”, his eyes sparkled, “it’s just grand to have a love affair, jlyn.”

And I nodded.

“Especially when you are 80-years-old.”

I smiled.

“I would’ve never imagined it could happen to me…” His voice trailed off to another time, a younger time, of sunbathing & fresh kisses & the Australian Coast & the backroads of Ireland & the cliffs of Norway &…

“I thank God every day for her, you know.”

And I already knew what he’d say next—which was the same thing he’d said the night before, and the night before that.

The crows feet deepened & lips parted, “We are so abundantly blessed here. God is so, so good. And she is more than I deserve.”

And I nodded again, in agreement.

They really seem to know what love is.

And my heart swells to think that someday, I might know the same.


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