Sunday, January 03, 2010

project 365: catch-up

oh my WORD. this will be the LONGEST POST EVER. just prepare yourself. and if you don't want the torture, just go here to view all the photos.

{Monday: 11.09.09} interview day: Vancouver, WA. loved the people. liked the program. God knows...


{Tuesday: 11.10.09} in celebration of thanksgiving. and autumn. chai tea & a pumpkin muffin every morning. the perfect breakfast.


{Wednesday: 11.11.09} tea. not chai: Tazo-Calm in the yellow package.


{Thursday: 11.12.09} it was a surgery day. and i got to wear this little lovely. LOVELY.


{Friday: 11.13.09} apparently i couldn't decide which shoes to wear. i realized later in the day that some of them have been traveling with me for the last 8 years. not time for a new pair yet though...


{Saturday: 11.14.09} a patriotic pin for somebody special. sorry to ruin the surprise :)


{Sunday: 11.15.09} wrapping presents for the soldiers. it was a long process. worth it though. if not for them, then for me :)


{Monday: 11.16.09} the stack of advent gifts for the soldiers...i hope they enjoyed their little pieces of home building up to the caramel wafers & Rummikub Christmas morning.


{Tuesday: 11.17.09} a stop (more than i should have that week) at Some Bagels. i've decided that no other bagel compares.


{Wednesday: 11.18.09} sunset. unaltered. i used to think summer skies were prettiest here. but i think i've changed my mind.


{Thursday: 11.19.09} jon's advent calendar. filled with photos from home & notes of encouragement. the package made it safely...on time...& i saw them hung on his plywood wall.


{Friday: 11.20.09} in the middle of our interview day, i decided i was tired. but they bought us coffee. and i was so glad to be done by 3pm.


{Saturday: 11.21.09} headed back to WA from Boise. boring, horribly boring drive. good people on both ends, though. they made all the difference.


{Sunday: 11.22.09} the day was spent driving. unpacked. packed. drove. at least i had good weather & dry roads.


{Monday: 11.23.09} they handed me a map on the first day & told me to go 3 places. i did it. and then wondered why God forgot to install the GPS in my brain when He made me. SERIOUSLY.


{Tuesday: 11.24.09} i spent $120 on parking for the month. one of the many reasons i decided that i'm a country-girl. big cities just aren't my thing.


{Wednesday: 11.25.09} i still can't believe she has a dog this GIANT. and a husband. and i also can't believe that we aren't in first grade anymore. here's to a 20-year friendship with one of my first recess buddies....i love you, alli!


{Thursday: 11.26.09} it was a new thing for me...hitting the (insane) "Black Friday" sales on the DAY OF Thanksgiving. the Factory Stores opened at 10pm. we waited on the exit ramp for 30 minutes. i couldn't believe how crazy-busy it was. but oh, it was fun!


{Friday: 11.27.09} my (many) trips to Goodwill produced some AMAZING finds. this one is for Jon...he needs a bit more sunshine over there :)

{i also decided that i am going to attempt to fill my entire house with treasures from thrift stores...the hunt is so much more fun that way!}


{Saturday: 11.28.09} @ Portland Saturday Market. we just looked. and “ooed” & “awed” once. and drank coffee & ate frozen yogurt & pho. i've missed her friendship.


{Sunday: 11.29.09} i ate so many Clementines that my mouth was full of canker sores. i didn't care though, they were the best EVER.


{Monday: 11.30.09} the bed was hard. the basement was cold. but the heart of their home was warm. and i was thankful for a roof & full tummy. my days were long enough that i slept well anyways. thanks, Dad, for that "Clark" gift of the ability to sleep ANYWHERE.


{Tuesday: 12.01.09} the skytram was quite a ride. another cold, clear day. we rode right over the freeway & could see into people's backyards.


{Wednseday: 12.02.09} i thought i only brought a couple of books. and then i unpacked my bag & wondered why i brought them at all. i can't help but hope that i'll like reading again...someday when it doesn't remind me of studying.


{Thursday: 12.03.09} the morning did NOT start off right. slept through my alarm. didn't have time to shower. smeared my mascara. was running late. oatmeal exploded in the microwave.

i made it ontime afterall.


{Friday: 12.04.09} i moved the camera before the shutter closed. and the hurried blur seems to describe my life lately: always running...always tired.


{Saturday: 12.05.09} a hall in the clinic. really, really nice clinic on the 9th floor of the skyrise. i decided i like rural medicine afterall.


{Sunday: 12.06.09} in the morning. remnants of the night before, evidence of the day ahead. makeup. "magic" skin creme. makeup remover. earrings.


{Monday: 12.07.09} interview day. it was freezing cold...but cold in Portland means clear skies. we could see all THREE mountains. there isn't anything like that view. maybe someday i'll see them from the top.


{Tuesday: 12.08.09} i found “free” parking in the VA. i figured it was okay since jon is deployed. at least that is the excuse i'm giving myself.


{Wednesday: 12.09.09} i bought a bag of Treasures milk chocolate + caramel. bad idea, jlyn...bad idea.


{Thursday: 12.10.09} my parents drove down & took them to dinner. cute little French Cafe they've been going to for 27 years. i like to think they had their first date their. the food was simple--not that good actually. but the company? the company made the dinner. doesn't it always, though?


{Friday: 12.11.09} 2am is too late to leave the hospital. and 3 hours of sleep is not enough to fuel the energy to return just 4 hours later....this will be my life for the next 3 years. i'm having trouble getting so excited about it.


{Saturday: 12.12.09} my days were long. no internet access meant lots of time with my friendly phone. the solitude was heavenly.


{Sunday: 12.13.09} i went to return some "Black Friday"-on-Thursday purchases & ended up shopping for my parents. kind of fun, actually...picture texting came in handy.


{Monday: 12.14.09} in the morning. EARLY. because the roads are almost empty. that never happens.


{Tuesday: 12.15.09} the rain finally (finally!) came. after 3 weeks of COLD, dry weather & clear blue skies, the Portland clouds rolled in.


{Wednesday: 12.16.09} more chocolate. the attendings had stocked the resident room. which made for happy taste buds...but not-so-happy adipose.


{Thursday: 12.17.09} my adorable hosts in Portland. they were the perfect reminder of selflessness & grace. God knew what i needed that month.


{Friday: 12.18.09} i decided that i just *had* to try it: grass fed Oregon beef & organic fruit milkshakes: Burgerville didn't disappoint. although jon being there would have made it better, i am quite certain.


{Saturday: 12.19.09} i skipped BodyPump & opted for Pilates instead. oh my it was wonderful...just what my body needed.


{Sunday: 12.20.09} wrapping presents. this was the longest i'd ever waited to start shopping & finish wrapping. never again, i told myself.


{Monday: 12.21.09} amazing sunset. the camera couldn't quite capture it. but then again, God's beauty is hard to contain in pixels.


{Tuesdsay: 12.22.09} self portrait. some days, with jon gone, i have to remind myself that it's okay to feel good. this was one of them.


{Wednesday: 12.23.09} "Patience is a virtue." those Dove Promise Messages keep me eating chocolate...& keep reminding me of life's little pleasures. i needed this reminder today.


{Thursday: 12.24.09} candlelight service was nice...except for my fever & lovely Christmas virus. i missed him, too.


{Friday: 12.25.09} the best part of the day (other than Jesus, of course). we got to talk for over an HOUR. second longest conversation in the last 6 months. a Christmas present to remember :)


{Saturday: 12.26.09} i am loving my new camera strap. finally had the time to make one :)

{Sunday: 12.27.09} i woke up with pink eye. my fever broke on Christmas Eve. i went to work looking like some weirdo. the no-makeup thing was kind of nice though.


{Monday: 12.28.09} i spent the day watching ultrasounds. i almost let my mind wander to wanting one. ALMOST.


{Tuesday: 12.29.09} i was bold & started a photography "tips" series on our blog. hopefully people find it useful. i'm excited for jon to get into the hobby... :)


{Wednesday: 12.30.09} the fog was so thick. that perfect, veiling fog. the symbolism was frighteningly accurate.


{Thursday: 12.31.09} my mom set a place for him at the table for dinner. we really wished he could have been there.


{Friday: 01.01.10} spent the first day of the New Year watching the Criminal Minds marathon. i think jon & i will have a show to watch now when he comes home--since i'm addicted & he's never seen it.


{Saturday: 01.02.10} they took me wine tasting. i was done after 3 sips. but i hung in there. in the process, i decided i'd rathere go ice cream tasting instead.

2- 01.02.10

{Sunday: 01.03.10} i bought a XXL men's dress shirt at Value Village for $6.99. and 4 days later it is a tunic. i love it!


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joyfuliving said...

i have to say, that was so fun 'suffering' through. ;) your creative eye gives us lots to look at through the lens of your everyday. thanks!! :)

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