Friday, January 08, 2010

thrifty: the embellished sweater {III}

can you tell i've been inspired lately to make more of these? probably because about 1/2 my wardrobe is cardigans. and when i find them for less than $5, it makes it much more exciting.

jcrew has been teasing me lately. and with blogs like this one, this one, & this one, i can't even tell you how tempting it has been to just win the lottery & shop all day. but alas, i've chosen not to win the lottery (generous, aren't i?) and instead stick to the wealth of Goodwill & Value Village sweater sections.

which is where i found a plain black sweater. black is always a good color to look for because it is obvious when it is old & faded...& minor flaws are hidden well. i scooped it up (for $3), thinking i'd use it as material & cut it up. but when i got home, i found it actually fit pretty well.

and then i found this photo & ripped 'er out of the jcrew catalog (sorry for the poor picture quality):

and then i decided i could replicate it...

which got me this:

black tuxedo sweater 3

black tuxedo sweater 2

black tuxedo sweater 1

and if i wear it 3 times, it was worth the $1/wear i think. :)


Brianna said...

One day you make me cry, the next day you make me want to tackle my old sweaters, drag out my sewing machine, and atleast try to do something like this. Really neat! I love the sweater. :)

Jes said...

I want one!!!

Jodie said...

From now on I'm just going shopping in your closet. Okay?

Jodie said...

This is my second time back this evening to look at your adorable creation tonight. And I have decided that yours is cuter than the J.Crew version.

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