Friday, October 23, 2009

thrifty: the transformed carry-on.

i've been looking for a Caboodle...remember those?

and well, since i'm cheap, i wasn't about to spend the $18.99 it would take to get a new one. the truth is that i'd rather spend those $18 on coffee & ice cream. just sayin'.

so on a recent i-need-to-find-photo-props thrift store adventure, i came across this little guy.


for $1.60.

a bit less than $18.99, wouldn't you say?

the only problem was that this little guy was ugly.
and stained.
and had a gross sticker-covered-smells-like-a-moth-ball inside.

and so...i ripped the insides out.
{please don't mistake that statement with Halloween gore...this is clean, Internet}.

and i found some bright fabric in my stash...cut it to size...slimed the case with Decoupage glue...


and VOILA!!!


a cute! cheap! faux-Caboodle!

far, far from perfect...but it will do :)

it will find its home in the back of my car...storing water bottles, Tampax, granola bars, & know, just in case.


Jen said...

Hi J..:)
I found your blog because we have Jeremy Camp (and photography, I've found) in common.
I thoroughly enjoyed your caboodle post! The results are super cute. You could make some money on Ebay with stuff like that.
Have a blessed day!

K ~ said...

LOVE it Jlyn!! The fabric is great!!

joyfuliving said...

cuteness in a caboodle!!

Treasia Stepp said...

Wow it is so cute. I have one of those same type ugly cases in my laundry room. Now I know what to do with it. Thanks for the inspiration.

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Your faux caboodle turned out cute. Perfect for storing stuff in your car.

Sarah @ Hennessey House said...

you've got 1) a great eye, and 2) MAD skills.

zees5 said...

Super! I have an antique steamer trunk that needs a re-do of fabric over wood so I may try the decopage for that. God bless you (:

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