Tuesday, October 27, 2009

project 365: 10.05-11.09

{10.05.09: Monday} started a new OMT rotation with what could be the most talented osteopathic physician i've ever met. i also started working with this new table, made in 1929. to say they just don't make things like they used to is an understatement...


{10.06.09: Tuesday} i quickly discovered the beauty of "old fashioned" medicine reaches far deeper than modern medicine ever will be able to--something about working with your hands, working with the patient, working to HEAL instead of INTERVENE...i've got a lot to learn!


{10.07.09: Wednesday} i got to talk to jon. a late night phone call...webcam (disconnected at least 5 times)...but i'll take it. :)


{10.08.09: Thursday} i finally broke down & paid $10 to have my car washed & vaccummed. it was totally worth it.


{10.09.09: Friday} my parents picked up sushi. YUMMMMMMMM. more please...


{10.10.09: Saturday} an incredible woman from our church taught about one of the seven feasts of Israel: Sukkah & the coming of Christ. i think i'm going to make jon build a sukkah (fort) for me next year....so fun.


{10.11.09: Sunday} hello amazing sunset. thanks for visiting us today....


1 comment:

Jodie said...

Your notes from church look like they belong in a frame.

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