Tuesday, October 27, 2009

project 365: 10.19-25.09

{10.19.09: Monday} beth asked me to just take some pictures of life when justin was home for R&R. so the week's pictures were not of me...but of another family entirely. i had fun laughing at the hilarity of this 21-month old.


{10.20.09: Tuesday} i found her first laying in my bed (just lounging) & then returned to find her playing with my credit cards with my sunglasses on. i think she'll give 'em a run for their money....


{10.21.09: Wednesday} little lucy didn't want to cooperate. and after the only semi-successful photo shoots with two babies now, i'm convinced that Anne Geddes drugs the babies she photographs. there is just no other way....


{10.22.09: Thursday} jon called via webcam to talk to justin (& i guess me too). joelle caught a glimpse of herself in the camera & hysterically laughed for at least 4 minutes. she had us all laughing, too.


{10.23.09: Friday} we took a walk to burn off some of that pent-up energy. and i decided i needed to be in at least one picture during the week. little did i know that i'd turn out looking like Andre the Giant....


{10.24.09: Saturday} beth's friend(s) threw her a baby shower at a local coffee shop. aside from the shower being adorably decorated, i was quite pleased with their soy chai latte's. so pleased, in fact, that i might have consumed mine in 5 minutes....


{10.25.09: Sunday} i read on the flight(s) back to WA. and i also cried at least 4 times while reading. and subsequently felt ridiculous. the new book i'm reading is challenging me to the core. i can't wait for jon to read it.



joyfuliving said...

jacob has read that book as well...and well, pretty much, it's changed his life as well. i can't wait to get my hands on it.

Jodie said...

You have very cute nieces!!

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