Tuesday, October 27, 2009

project 365: 09.21-27.09

{09.21.09: monday} an early (5:30am) morning leaving Rusty & Gay's house for the hospital. i *thought* i was becoming a morning person...not so much.


{09.22.09: tuesday} the call room on the OB service. i was on call tuesday night (about 30 hours total) & was lucky enough to sleep almost through the entire night. it was a quiet night on the floor--quiet for me, at least!


{09.23.09: Wednesday} sunrise in the city--a view from the OB floor window. after a long night of sleep (with perspective--about 4 hours), i was ready to get back to the house & away from the hospital. not to mention the fact that i smelled. BAD.


{09.24.09: Thursday} i downloaded a new iphone app to edit photos. and i kind of love it. self-portrait (obviously).


(09.25.09: Friday} on call AGAIN on the OB service. a little less sleep...a few deliveries...and a donut in the morning. not too shabby, i'd say...


{09.26.09: Saturday} the "prairie", as Rusty & Gay refer to it. a sunny day in autumn...& harvested wheat fields. photo taken on my way back from a night of call @ the hospital.


{09.27.09: Sunday} they took me to Greenbluff :) YUM. and bought me a Huckleberry milkshake. double-YUM. and we picked pumpkins & rode a tractor & i realized: IT IS FALL already!


1 comment:

Jodie said...

That is a GORGEOUS picture of you. And I know as soon as you read this you're going to say it's because of the iphone app. It's not. It's because you are GORGEOUS!!

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