Tuesday, October 27, 2009

project 365: 09.28-10.04.09

{09.28.09: Monday} on call...AGAIN. an abnormally mellow night of call--only a couple of deliveries & i even got to take a nap in the middle of the day. unreal.


{09.29.09: Tuesday} i've been sick. and being sick in dry weather for me means nose bleeds. this was the THIRD one in 3 days & happened when Gay & I were shopping. LOVELY. she was kind enough to beg the lady @ the gas station for a bag of ice so i could ice my sinuses. [tip: do NOT tip your head back...use ice, a pinching pressure, & give it a little time!]


{09.30.09: Wednesday} H1N1 (thank you swine flu) has officially invaded the hospitals. and for some reason, they decided that "duck masks" would be appropriate for a flu that came from pigs. surprisingly enough, these masks are SO COMFORTABLE. i stole a couple for future use.


{10.01.09: Thursday} greg & kerry's (very yummy!) rehearsal dinner. it was SO WONDERFUL to see old friends...and i was SO BUMMED jon missed it :)


{10.02.09: Friday} annndddd....they are MARRIED! woohoo! congrats greg & kerry for being the awesomest, funniest couple we know!!


{10.03.09: Saturday} my sisters drove into town...& we all made the 30-minute treck to the "Valley Mall" just for Forever 21. as chance would have it, we ran into these decked-out characters on our trip...weirdo's.


{10.04.09: Sunday} i drove back home. tayte slept. and snored. kind of a nice combination, huh?


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