Tuesday, October 27, 2009

project 365: 10.12-18.09

{10.12.09: Monday} jon sent me a "tea rug" from the sandbox. and i used it as an excuse to have (another) chai. [i'm not so sure he meant it to be an excuse for an increase in my chai consumption...]


{10.13.09: Tuesday} i was missing jon a bit more than usual. and so i wrote him a message. kind of clever, those antique letters, don't 'cha think?!


{10.14.09: Wednesday} autumn was fallen. fall has fallen. whatever: the leaves are changing. and i am loving all the colors (although i will say they were much prettier in west virginia!!)


{10.15.09: Thursday} a little teaching from my amazing preceptor--reviewing cranial anatomy, movement of cranial bones, & cranial rhythmic impulse. i was so honored to be his student. at 50+ years of practice & age 72, i can only hope to live the osteopathic philosophy as a ministry like he has. so cool.


{10.16.09: Friday} and my mom caught on to the antique letter messages too...this time a little reminder for ME :) thanks mom.


{10.17.09: Saturday} we drove to the "Starliner Supper Club"--a 1940's gala honoring the Osteopathic school about an hour away. this is a horrible picture of us, taken at the end of the night where my 1940's pin curls turned into a frizz ball of 80's-hair-gone-bad. conclusion: use more hairspray...& keep a better stock of generational costumes on hand :)


{10.18.09: Sunday} i flew up to alaska to visit family...& "help" (in quotations because they really probably didn't need my assistance) out with their kids. it was a LONG day in the airports, sitting next to oversized people who invaded my personal space bubble. but i made it.


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