Monday, October 17, 2005


much needed weekend. worked on sunday. no school monday. ahhh....short week ahead of me.

got some homework done. got some sleeping done. got some socializing done. got some cleaning done--what didn't i get done!?!

God totally took all my anxiety away about MCAT's and future, etc. such a blessing! i had an amazing dream last night about my future--it felt....peaceful. and it was wonderful.

roommate got engaged tonight! what an amazing thing! two people committing their lives to one another (or committing to commit). so excited for her :)

email from one of my favorite people EVER in my inbox tonight. pretty much made my day--as if the engagement didn't do it already. God has filled my life with amazing, encouraging, and loving people--thanks God!!

finishing up some homework (brownie point for me) and crawling into one amazingly clean and comfortable bed. finally.

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