Thursday, October 13, 2005


today i really. noticed the changing colors. only a hint of green left among the amber and crimson and pumpkin colored leaves. vibrant dancing on the surface of the trees. squirrels preparing for winter. me getting wet when the sprinklers were being blown-out at school. i love fall.

today i got a talk from my psychology professor. we shouldn't stress out about graduating, he said, this is only one of many transitions in life. great, i thought. that means there are lots more coming--don't know if i can make it through. but i will--people do it all the time, right?

today i went to the mall with christine. she is great. we are j-tine. i didn't buy anything. good for me.

today i calmed down about my future. i realized that i can't worry. because worrying is distracting and unhealthy and it gives me zits. so no more worrying--as much as i can control it.

today i bought egg nog. yum. christmas is coming!

today i am going to sushi with ben. pretty excited. haven't talked with him in awhile--always good to catch up with old friends.

today i am going to do homework. didn't get much done yesterday. and i am going to spend some time with jesus. priorities.

tomorrow i get my MCAT scores back. scared a lot to see them. kinda determine my future.

no no. i take that back. they are a mere part of my future--God determines it.


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