Friday, April 21, 2006

how yuuu doin'??

haha. so i went to Yoke's today. to go grocery shopping; much needed--was down to chicken and dry cereal.

walked in and encountered a swarm of kids huddled around some poor lady handing out pizza. i think they were on a field trip. anyway--almost ran into a couple of them with my basket (i use baskets, not carts, because then i tend to not buy unneeded things...). headed over to the produce section where i encoutered another swarm of kids....learning about produce. apparently produce includes ice cream, meat, chips, and fruit--as so eloquently explained by one little motor-mouth.

anyways....headed toward the bulk candy section to pick up some candy for jodie's bridal shower on sunday. when, out of the blue (or yellow, i should say), i enountered a large banana. and by large banana i mean a full-size man dressed in a Dole banana suit. couldn't see his face. all i saw were his little chicken legs...and then i heard it from behind the mesh banana-face (do banana's even have faces??)

"heeyyyy. how yuuuu doin'???"

hahahahahaha! it isn't every day that you get hit on by a big yellow banana!

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