Friday, April 28, 2006


you know that song..."she's a maniac...maaanniiacccc". no clue who 'sings' it (and i put sings in parentheses because it sounds more like rapid talking). i kinda feel like "she"--whoever she is.

my weekend schedule just totally filled up. not quite sure how. not quite sure why. but trying to cram everything in--trying before the last bout of studying and the final bit of college. wow. i feel old.

paper writing today from 12-6ish. hopefully will be able to get it done. highly doubtful though. 1 paper down--2 more to go.
dinner with beth & jacob & jessa tonight. hopefully some good fellowship time--and i get to see jessa, which usually makes me pretty happy.
no plans after. but there is a cool dude i know. maybe we can do something....hoping we can do something.
wake up EARLY tomorrow to work on my paper more.
pictures of jon's parents.
perhaps christine & margi's dance concert.
boat cruise.
movie night.
church in the morning.
paper writing.
christine's bridal 'get-together'.
paper writing.
paper writing.
paper writing.
paper writing.
sleep somewhere in between.

yeah. maniac is right.

and BIG thank you to God. for answered prayers. for dedication. for patience. and for commitment :)

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