Monday, April 03, 2006

organized & blogging

so i just wrote my entire blog entry....and then deleted it. please tell me this isn't a prediction of how my week will go.

finally blogging again. been a bit out of touch, out of inspiration....out of organization and time management. back in game--totally back in and excited to be here.

weekend was GREAT. much needed "me" time...much needed get-my-crazy-life-in-order time. much needed time of friends and food and followship. really, much needed time to just be.

long nap after class on friday (i LOVE naps). yummy dinner of grilled cheese and tomato soup--perfect for the wonderful rainy day it was. definitely gotta add watching Singing in the Rain to my movie list for sometime soon....LOVE that movie.

then to Ice Age 2--hilarious movie. even made it look fun to live and breathe and eat and exist on and in ice. fun if you are a sloth or mammoth or possum or possum-mammoth, which i am not = would not be fun for me. good company at the movie too :) listening to all the kids belly giggle at the most obvious humor made me smile...innocence is truly a blessing!!!

psychology GRE's on saturday morning. got up at 6:30. arrived at test site at 8. waited until 8:30 for administrators to arrive. test finally started at 9:15 (by which time i was fuming inside...apparently patience is a virtue i do not possess before 10am). totally thought we'd have some break during the 2 hour 50 minute test. nope. straight through the 205 questions. straight through until eyeballs went cross-eyed and i passed out from mental overload (and i was one of the lucky ones....).

long, boring, hope-to-pass-for-my-degree test followed by a trip to Costco (for apparently discounted, unneeded but totally wanted oversized items and a $1.50 polish sausage) and Mervyn's (for sale earrings for the brunch on sunday). wonderful to spend time with friends (amanda, amy, christine). looked at the magical aisles in Costco...full of muffins and trinkets and books and stuff that i was never intended to have (and probably, if i really think about it for more than 2 seconds don't really want). looked at bridesmaid dresses for christine's wedding in august. looked at ridiculous store windows and current styles that i am apparently supposed to like and wear if i want to be 'cool'. and....was totally exhausted when it was all over (how the heck did i shop for more than 45 minutes just a few years ago?!)

back to the apartment to turn dirty into clean. cleaned like a madwoman (everything except my room). such a good feeling to have everything undirtied and sanitized. cooked a little for sunday and tuesday. then (this was the best part) surprise visitor showed up :) one very tired and a little bit loopy boy stopped by for a hug and a hello....thanks jon--you made my night :)

then organized my stuff. went through old bank statements. balanced by checkbook. made a HUGE to-do list. such a good feeling to have life in order. a much-needed feeling that i haven't felt in awhile. making it a goal to keep up on stuff be a better steward and consumer and tracker. to be a more aware citizen and person and Christ-follower.

sunday brunch @ 11:30, followed by the earring exchange. fun earrings. fun time. good food. all good ;)

then...this was the kicker...homework for 9.5 hours--straight!!!! wowa. woulda thought i was a freshman in college again. 4.5 hours in the library. 5 hours at my desk. small bathroom and food breaks. got SO much done. worked ahead for this week so i can focus on material for my test on friday.

confident about my schedule this week. freakin' excited for the Narnia party on tuesday :) at ease about my presentation on i could only understand the material for my test on friday......God? can you work on that for me dude? thanks.

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