Monday, April 10, 2006


prepare yourself for an extremely random post. consider yourself warned:

i hear it is raining outside. and i really love the rain. oh...too bad. stuck here in the library. 7 hours yesterday. 4 hours thus far today. but getting stuff done. it feels so good to be organized, to be with-it :) i missed this feeling.

i made a binder for West Virginia last night. i would take a picture of it if i had my camera with me right now (oh...but i don't...remember...i am in the liiiibbbrrraarrryyyy). i decided that i LOVE making things. paper and glue sticks and scissors make me really happy.

i think God might have used a defillibaroraotor (aka defribillator) on my homework brain. not so much motivated, as in enjoy-my-homework motivated, but at least getting stuff done.

looking foward to this week. test on wednesday. easter on friday = home on friday.

praying for poor lil' Ryne....she is super sick. something wrong with her liver. kinda sounds serious. lots of prayers her way :)

looking for houses in WV. crazy that reality is semi-setting in--the reality that i am moving, quite literally, across the country. but i am excited. i talked with a MSII there last weekend...she was SO nice. SO willing to help. and from the sound of it, that is how everyone is there. good feeling to be headed to a place with nice people. :)

and definitely hoping for one nice person i know to be closer than farther away. but....after i called the Army this morning and told them to get their lazy bums in gear (they totally listened to me)....we don't have too much to worry about. i hope.

generally, in case you were wondering, just enjoying life right now. it seems to easy--so laid back. enjoying these last moments of illusive reality. life will never be the same again. unless i move to Australia (which actually doesn't sound like too bad of an idea).

i really want a popcicle right now. yum.

told you this was random. :)

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