Monday, April 24, 2006

waiting here

it's an in-between time right now. between breath's. between changes. between finishing and starting over; holding on and letting go; building and breaking. it's an in-between time for my perspective.

haven't had to deal with this before. haven't been stuck in a place quite like this before--and can't say with confidence that i will be again.

i feel most often that i am a big ball of emotions. anxiety. nerves. anticipation. hope. excitement. etc. i can't figure out where i should be, where i am going, who i should hang on to. and, more than anything, it stresses me out.

but then i heard these words on Reuben Morgan's new CD World Through Your Eyes. Good stuff on that CD. some classics...some newbies. but this song was a nice reminder that this time of change that my focus needs to be on God--and Him alone. i need the constant reminder that the purpose of my life isn't for personal fulfillment, pleasure, or accomplishment--but it should be all for His glory, His life should be a tangible example of His praise. need that reminder--need to make that improvement.

everything will work out
everything will work out
for your glory
i know you'll use it all

fall upon your mercy
call upon your kindness
will you come to me
and search my heart again

and i'm on my knees
waiting here for you
in your holy place
and my heart is home
in your courts oh Lord
how i long for you

everything will work out
everything will work out
when i see you
i'll know i'll understand

--"Waiting Here", Reuben Morgan

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