Sunday, December 21, 2008

christmas: card holder

i found this cute (& very easy) craft on good ol' martha's website...and thought it would be a fun project since our christmas cards from 2007 just came down at the beginning of december '08 :)...although i'll take the mitten's down this year, this is a super easy way to display christmas cards--& the best part is that it is super cheap!
i hosted the December Coffee for the wives in Jon's batallion a couple of weeks ago. we made these little mitten clips--it was so fun! the best part is that they don't have to be used as christmas card holders...they can be put on gifts, packages, or your nose. and you certainly aren't limited to making mittens...if you fancy starfish or space ships or snot drips, you can make those too!

1 comment:

joyfuliving said...

umm...what happened to your hand? and who are those cute girls on that green card? ;) oh, and i love this idea!

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