Tuesday, December 23, 2008

when it all comes together.

i got a lovely early christmas gift from my husband...& the best part was that i asked for it months ago. which not only meant that he listened to me but that he remembered it!!!

a few months ago i was struggling with the concept of scrapbooking. the frivilous paper & embellishments all seemed so wasteful--not to mention the time that it eats up. but after lamenting about all the money i'd wasted on supplies, i opened a box of old photos & couldn't remember the names of half the people in the pictures muchless where we were & why we had pink boa's on with facepaint at mid-teenagehood. which is when i had a moment of slight epiphany that i could document these memories in a way that didn't require a huge time commitment or a generous trust fund from some unknown relative to back my paper purchases.

since i'm too cheap to buy photoshop, i downloaded free software from the internet that allows me to change the size of my photos & replace the original 4x6 print with a mosaic of resized photos. i then plan out my pages (the most time consuming part) so that by the time i'm 30 i won't have 57 volumes of "Our Family Album". costco uploads my pictures & delivers them to my door within 3 days. i pick one weekend each month to forego studying & spend all day Saturday (after morning cleaning) working on piecing together the already-planned pages.

i've actually found that i'm having fun again :) and the best part is that i've given myself no size, photo, or layout restrictions; i only promise myself to stay focused on the photos + words & not make pages about how my pant size keeps climbing or how my dryer eats all my black socks. it is JUST THE IMPORTANT STUFF.

in the past two months of my alloted time for these projects, i've managed to make enough layouts fill up this entire scrapbook...maybe i should have told jon i wanted 2 :)

the most satisfactory part of this whole process is that jon supports it totally. once i had the new book filled up, he sat down for a good 20 minutes & looked at pages that span across our last year together...i think i even got a few smiles from him ;)
{i've created a new album in my Flickr account titled "scrapbook pages" for those of you who want to see more...}


joyfuliving said...

j, these are beautiful and exactly as it should be. :) so...what is this fabulous program that is FREE to resize in clusters? that is exactly what i'm looking for! if you could email me...you know, when you get time. ;)

i love every bit of that "full scrapbook."

Beth Pritchard said...

That's cool. I would love it if you could show me how you do it because that's what I'm looking to do (no more cutting papers and using tape!).

Alex! said...

they look absolutely wonderful! i would love to know what program you have as well! hope you have a wonderful visit at home!!! :)

Anonymous said...

J~ this is Gusty!:>). Fun to hear how Jon enjoys looking at scrapbooks of pictures. Both he and his brother did that as younguns! more than once a year too! Reliving and remembering those snapshots in time is good therapy (least for me it is!). Have a wonderful time you two!

Kate said...

okay Jlyn, I am instantly hooked to your blog now :) I am glad to see all is well with you, and just to let you know, your are totally talented!

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