Wednesday, December 10, 2008

mom, are you proud??!

i bought this fabric earlier this summer on the clearance rack (it maybe totalled $20)...and finally got around to sewing Holiday pillows last week. jon & i (well, mostly me) decided awhile ago that changing our couch pillow covers would be a very economical way to "decorate" for each season without cluttering up the house. are this "seasons" pillows & coffee table runner!
i will admit that my mom was right 10 years ago when she made me take a quilting class, much to my dismay at the time (the quilt still isn't finished, by the way). the sewing machine i bought used (circa 1974) for $25 this last summer has opened up a TON of new possibilities for creativity & gift-giving. scrapbooking, although i really enjoy it, is a "selfish" hobby to me--i hesitate to give people scrapbooks because each person has their own style & preferences in how to present their photos. but WHO doesn't want a cute holiday pillow cover??!
so, thanks mom. you were right...again.


Sarah said...

Wow! Those pillows are amazing and your place looks so warm and inviting. I was happy to hear that you are coming to Portland. The kids want to know when and which hospital. We can't wait to see you!

Jessica Kettle said...

Hi j, thank you so much for the nice comment! seriously it made my day. =) your pillows are darling- i need to get my craft on. Also, thanks for posting the video. not. haha, I look like such a dork! geez. how embarassing. =) I'm glad you found it helpful though!

It's hard to give people general pointers on upgrades because it depends so much on what you have. Plus, I'm not much of a technical buff and my equipment is pretty low key. If you want a recommendation, let me know what you have and I'd be happy to give you one though!

thanks again!

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