Monday, December 22, 2008

christmas: cinnamon rolls

if you'd like to take your tastebuds for the ride of their lives, you'll have to spend a bit of time in the kitchen. but i assure won't be disappointed!

i came across this recipe on The Pioneer Woman Cooks & trumped by skepticism by my accidental purchase of 4lbs. of flour that was sitting in my pantry. needless to say, i've widdled it down to a bit of a smaller volume :)

these cinnamon rolls, although not non-caloric, are a fantastic (& easy!) way to share that holiday-induced pant-tightening experience :) each batch makes about 6 pans of deliciouis, gooey rolls...

HERE is the recipe.

take some to your neighbors. not only will you be the most popular person on the block, you'll also bask in the glory of sharing those holiday calories that were once invading your kitchen ;)

1 comment:

joyfuliving said...

wow! it's monday and it's not about the 'monday curse'! whoo hoo! :)

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