Monday, December 01, 2008


the Clark's came into town to celebrate the anniversary of "the feast" with us. i was lucky enough to be home the entire week (& i got to clean!!) and got to sleep next to my husband for SEVEN WHOLE DAYS!!! (which quite possibly was better than all the world's turkey's combined...)


we walked. we ate. we read. we ate. we laughed. we ate. we watched movies. we ate. and then i stepped on the scale and fainted.

okay, not really.

but my pants are tighter, much to my dismay. and i have a few extra workouts scheduled in my upcoming weeks. which could be a big problem with my humerous shoe situation....

perhaps the cutest part of spending thanksgiving with our family was the interaction between jon & alec (my little brother). if a 10 year old boy was ever an admirer of a 24 year old man, i'm certain alec would be the poster child. their days were filled with Light Saber battles and deals struck on 30 minutes of xbox (with a pre-set timer, controlled my me). they talked army. and tanks. and airborne operations. and mostly Star Wars. which would lead to another Light Saber battle--the second of which was Alec against an invisible dude-whose-name-i-don't-know-because-i-haven't-seen-all-the-movies-nor-do-i-understand-them opponent.

they left at o-dark-thirty in the morning on Saturday & were kind enough to put us up in a hotel in Raleigh so we could enjoy the last night together before their departure. jon & i spent the entire day Saturday on an extended "date": Christmas shopping & movie-seeing & yummy-food-eating :)

in short, it was my kind of holiday.


joyfuliving said...

cuuute! i adore that last picture of the two cutest people! :)

brianaandtim said...

so glad you had such a great holiday! you and jon still ooze cuteness to the n'th degree - and the picture is adorable!

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