Tuesday, December 02, 2008

the monday curse.

after three weeks, i think i'm officially authorized to call it a "curse". and really, although i don't believe in "true" curses, i just might have to change that point of view. the first week, i got lost. the second week, i had an eventful day of charcoal fountains & open zippers. and now, on week three, i'm basking in the glory of my airheadedness.

i feel it necessary to insert a brief disclaimer before telling the full story that i AM quite competent. i DO take care of patients. i DO sew up wounds & cut people open. and so far, my record for the latter is an A+. not even one time (!!!) have i left gauze or sponges in people. and not even one time (!!!) have i personally caused a medical catastrophe--at least, one that i've been informed of. so despite the pure blonde that may be coming across on these stories about the monday curse, please trust me when i say that when it comes to scalpels & medications, i HAVE BROWN HAIR.

so there i was. packing my bags in NC. i'd been spoiled to be off for the entire week of thanksgiving (that monday, i will note, was flawless). we'd just decorated our christmas tree, found places for the collection of nativities, and i'd had a good cry about leaving once again.

i'm going to go ahead & blame it on the swollen eyes. i looked in my closet & grabbed by workout shoes, throwing them quickly into the hamper of clean clothes that needed to journey back to my WV closet.

fast forward four hours to my unpacking of those clean clothes into my WV closet.

i took out one shoe.

and then the other.

and saw this lovely PAIR:

and if that isn't a monday curse that happens to ruin ALL the workout plans i had for this week, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS.
stupid monday.

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Anonymous said...

My Monday curses are on Tuesdays, after years of traveling and gone for 3-4 days a week, I get up at 3:30am;get dressed, check my stuff and bag, drive to go to the airport; to find once I got there I forgot my wallet...no ID, no getting on the plane... "Honey can you drive my wallet to me... Thanks you love, I owe you bigtime... I still do. That's my Monday.. happened 2x in 4 yrs. I laff with you at your Monday's if you will laff with me on my Tuesdays!. Love to you both. Rusty

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