Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the monday curse.

it continues.

despite my being in NC for the month, i just can't escape it.

i got up extra early monday morning to allow ample time for any mishaps that might fall upon me (read: injections of humility from the Good Lord Above). so at 6am i was up and going. i self-groomed (a rarity--i had to make a good impression on the first day of my new rotation), ate breakfast, drank some chai (necessity), had quiet time...and even packed my lunch.

i put on my wool coat (it was 60-something degrees yesterday!) and reached for the doorknob with purse, lunch pail, nalgene, and books in hand, and thought to myself my this morning went smoothly.

the few steps too the car was uneventful. my car started smoothly. the radio still worked, save the aliens that might have abducted it just because it was Monday. my "butt warmers" were warming. and so i backed out of the driveway.



the nice garbage man had kindly placed the LARGE city-issued forest green garbage can RIGHT in the middle of the driveway. the LARGE city-issued forest green garbage can which was now wedged under my rear bumper at t-minus 5 minutes to my required arrival time at the hospital.

so i got out of the car, butt warmers still blazing heat & non-alien-abducted radio singing jolly carols of the HAPPY SEASON. ohhh...but i was not happy.

the only thing that my mind could muster was: SERIOUSLY??!?!

my wool coat was almost too warm as i wrassled the partly wedged garbage can from under my back bumper. but the orientation of that forest green thing was akward: the lid was splayed open on the street so that when i wanted to good grip on the can itself, i had to step on the lid--completely defeating the purpose of my pulling since my full weight was keeping the can in place. at one point i halfway fell into the can itself...

after a good 3 minutes of pulling i freed that LARGE city-issued thing from under my back bumper. the only problem was that because my car was taking up the entire width of the sloped sidewalk, i had to pull once again in order to get that monstrous thing over the curb.

good thing i haven't worked out in awhile...i was sweating in the wool coat by the time those two plastic wheels popped over the curb & onto the grass.

Thank you Mr. Sanitary Engineer. I HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD MONDAY TOO!!!

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