Tuesday, February 03, 2009

another one...

i can't help but add another goal to my list for 2009. but before i make the big reveal, i must explain that i find more enjoyment than i probably should by looking at food. not eating it, not smelling it, not cooking it...just looking at it.

so it shouldn't come as any surprise that i've found the following blogs to be rather therapeutic. have a bad day? look at food. feel bad about gaining 10 pounds? look at food. want to make the world a better place? look at food. wishing for world peace? look at food.

see? its the solution to most of life's problems (just remember i didn't say eat the food).

and i'm just going to go ahead & put it out there that i'm only trying to make the world a better place--world peace, remember?

my goal? to make cupcakes. lots of yummy cupcakes.

like these. and these.

1 comment:

joyfuliving said...

one question...how in the world do you come across cupcake blogs? wow.

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