Friday, February 13, 2009


at the end of the day, when i'd like to get back to my apartment & sit on my rock-of-a-bed, i have to get out my keys. because oh my heavens there are a LOT of doors i have to open...

first, the door from the computer lab to the hallway--which i did not take a picture of. it is bright yellow--the color of big bird, in case you were wondering.

second--this pretty blue door connecting the hallway to the floor entry.
third--this door connecting the floor entry to the stairwell.

fourth--the door connecting the stairwell to the first floor entry.
fifth--the door connecting the first floor hallway to the side stairwell.

sixth--the door connecting the side stairwell to the outside.

seventh--the door to my apartment building.

eighth--the door to my apartment.
by this time, my hand is very tired. as is my bicep muscle from pulling the SOLID METAL DOORS open.
good thing i consider that my workout...i can't imagine what would happen should i actaully exercise!! i might get stuck outside from muscle fatigue....

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