Wednesday, February 11, 2009


i complained before about west virginia. and how there was nothing there--and really, my complaints were totally ligit. and now, ironically, i'm only 20-or-so-miles from a large city and feel more isolated than i ever have in WV.

i'm currently sitting in a starbucks, paying $3/hour to use their WiFi--since the place I'm not staying has no wifi, no cell phone reception, no land line, no kitchen, & lots of deer.

so please forgive me if i don't email you or update my facebook status or post on my blog regularly...these days, i'm just trying to remember to bury the toilet paper after i pee in the hole i dug behind the pine tree on the side of my apartment building.


joyfuliving said...

so? were you talking about me there, cause i think we're totally living the same life? maybe? ;)

j... said...

i probably *should* clarify that i DO have access to a landline--BUT it is in a public place & just not in my room.

and i was wrong aboutthe 20 miles. i'm only like 12-15--but since i got lost yesterday on my way to starbucks, it was closer to 20.

so yes, perhaps i AM talking about living the same life. except i am surrounded by "alternate" living situations...AND you have internet.

Anonymous said...

so J~ this is Gusty... did Jon teach you how to close up your cat hole properly or not??? Did you use Purell afterwards. Oh wait.. TMI..

Love and Hugs from Ray and I

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