Monday, February 09, 2009


i'm done with OB/GYN. done with boobs, babies, & crotches. done. done. done.

i liked it.

but not that much.

and it is probably a good thing that i'm done. because the last few times i've driven by this mountain during my 240 miles between my two homes, i've realized something...
it looks like a nipple.
a real, live nipple.

so from now on, in remembrance of this rotation, i hereby dub this Nipple Mountain.


Anonymous said...

you are so funny! i've thought that same thing about that mountain - we always drive by it on the way to the beach from home - and that's what i've said for years (snickering in the back of the minivan) LOL! you crack me up!

joyfuliving said...

you.are.hilarious my friend. :)

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