Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mr. Thompson: Part I

I'm pleased to introduce you to my newest patient, a 60-something year old man that was recently admitted to the psychiatric hospital i'm currently rotating at. over the next few days, we'll explore bits & pieces of our conversations....are you ready for this???!

Mr. Thompson, how is your mood tonight?

What's the word? ELATED!! I am ELATED!!!

Why are you elated tonight?

Things--everything--has been going my way!

Like what?

Because God in all his power & omnipotence & all that stuff knew before the world was the world that he would eat the apple...& God knew that in 2009 it would be this *&$%!#? *%@#!*% eat-your-son-&-daughter stuff with money.....

....and so Omaha Mutual contacted me in a letter and told me to walk into this Convention Center where all the important people are. And since I'm not an important person, I am going to convince them that I am important...

...and they are going to give me a PORCHE.

You? Why are they going to give you a Porche & not someone else?

[hestitating...thinking a bit...]

Because I have special powers.

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