Thursday, January 26, 2006

currently smiling

such an amazing God day today. full of His incredible gifts of joy and education and learning and humility and fellowship and surprises :)

learned something today in my classes.
studied for 2 hours in the library.
sent my deposit to West Virginia (and had to take a picture of the envelope). holy cow...i might move across the country.
ramped up my endorphins at the gym.
spent 4 hours at work with Judy, who keeps me on my toes and makes me laugh--a lot.
gazed at shelves of books at Barnes & Noble.
got a new brown shirt. i love brown. a lot.
surprised Jodie with an engagement party.
drank wine with friends. (i liked the friends better than the wine)
had chocolate cake--lots of it.
used my camera.
got a very special card from Jon. still beaming i think.
finished my homework.
headed to bed.

yup. it all makes me smile.

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