Monday, January 16, 2006


i met superman today. he morphed from batman right before my eyes. but he was superman more often, he said, because superman can fly. and i'd say he did fly today...or as close as any 4 year old ever comes to it.

i met God today. he told me He had plan for me. but He said he still has some surprises up His great big sleeves; he likes surprises, he said, because they make me trust him more. and i'd say i did trust Him today...or as close as my heart would let me.

i met fear today. it whispered sweet-nothings in my ears about the future. i should be afraid, it said, because i'm venturing into absolutely unknown territory--territory that covers every aspect of my life. and i'd say it's a priority on my prayer list....or as close to the top right now as i'll let it be.

i met hope today. i think God put an IV in my heart...i think it injected something like sunshine into my veins. and i'm pretty sure it pushed out a little of the fear....or it tried as hard as it possibly could.

i met innocence today. she was wild and small and full of spark. oh, and she loved Winnie the Pooh. it was good to see God's face like that again. and i am positive that she was a cherabim before God sent her to earth....or maybe she just hasn't lost her wings yet.

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