Thursday, January 12, 2006


it was probably back in elementary school when i was overwhelmed with shock for the first time. i was left speechless when one of the boys in my table 'pod' burped, farted, and coughed--all-at-once. it seemed humanly impossible. i had no was like a hugely impressive circus act all compacted into one little body. and so...i'm left with no other choice than to explain the last 24 hours of my life as a similar performance.

i can't believe it was only 20 hours ago that my life changed. totally, completely changed. i can only imagine what it would be like to be sprayed with a firefighter hose or attacked by an giant squid or hugged by big foot....but yup, i feel like that. {sigh} i am relieved...and dumbfounded... and awe-struck....and totally high on adrenaline. so now...its official...[can't believe it]....

i am going to medical school.

wow. {sigh}. and after my news last night (and subsequent leaps over the house, severe muscle twitches from excitement, and extreme speechlessness), my day today just kept getting does God do it?!!?

first, i leaped out of bed this morning at 5:45 a.m. had to wake up my sisters (times about 15 until they actually rolled their lazy selves out from under the cozy covers). made myself a HUGE cup of hot chocolate and watched the beautiful sunrise; pink, blue, orange....the sky seemed so big and there i was on my porch (freezing in the wind, by the way) thinking i was so small. in the grand scheme of things, my life is only one of billions that will exist on this temporary Earth during its lifetime. but the coolest thing is that my life matters to God. He has blessed it soooo much. {sigh}

after another trip to middle school this morning (you'd think i was a student or something for how many times i've been there this week), i took my lil' red Charvie in to get serviced....looks like he'll be needin' a new battery soon. gotta start saving more of my pennie$.

then i got to scrapbook :) it makes me happy...recording memories, i mean. i was quite efficient if i do say so myself. called amanda and talked about life for over an hour. and i got a few text messages that made me smile [they were sent at about noon and were from a cool dude i know].
another trip to middle school....then picked up one of my sisters' friends for a photo shoot---which also made me happy because i get super excited to take pictures especially with my new camera!!! {sigh}. note: the lighting wasn't optimum, though, and the pictures didn't turn out extremely well--but there are a couple of the decent ones posted:)

and then i got a very special card from someone amazing :) totally made my day---it was the icing on the already-delicious cake. {sigh}. i think i'm still beaming!

and then i got flowers delivered and a 'congrats' balloon that sings "celebrate good times...come on" from my parents for getting into med school. gosh they are great. {sigh}

and then it started pouring rain....which made me extremely happy (but not as happy as my special card). took a trip to the grocery store in an effort to stock up on food for the 8 teenagers that will be over here tomorrow night...all night. pray for me....i am begging you. and then sometime tonight i get to talk to that very special someone again. {sigh}

what a great day. no, no. great is an understatement that doesn't even come close to describing the life-altering events that have taken place in the last 24 hours. what a God day--totally and continually blessed by Him.

and on top of all that...guess what?!! i am wearing those fancy boots again today--and my feet are veeeerrrryyy cozy. it's all good. {sigh}

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