Saturday, January 14, 2006


so i tried to learn the guitar once. didn't work out too hot for me. but you know what? that is okay because now i have someone awesome who plays for me all the time :) but really--you should hear him....quite a gift i'd say (wink wink).

i was reading through Zits and came across the one above. it was like deja vu; where have i seen that before, i thought?! and then, like the ocean tide, it came to me.....i've seen this cool guy put on a performance like this....except without the guitar...and while he is driving. air guitar all the way. (haha!!)

okay okay. just kidding jon. hope you know that :)

on a lighter note--or heavier, whichever you choose--i had 8 teenagers here last night. they were actually quite self sufficient. they are currently sprawled out on top of one another downstairs...pretty cute if you ask me :) [and it is cute, not CUTE]. lots of screaming girls, lots of ice cream eaten, lots of make-up played with....lots of memories for them.

nothing is on the agenda today. perhaps transporting my sisters to other social gatherings. probably cleaning up after the tornado of girls leaves. hopefully talking with this cool dude i know. maybe taking a walk in God's rain, too :) and for sure sitting by the fire soaking up the last days of being home.

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