Wednesday, January 11, 2006


whoever thought of these boots must be entirely out of their minds. i noticed four feet this morning walking out the door with my shoes on--the feet just happened to belong to the 2 teenagers i am currently surpervising. so i was left with slim pickings for footwear...and these were the chosen ones. i feel like they are my golden tickets to stardom; stardom for making such trendy fashion choices or the alternate: a county jail for illegal poaching or sour style. either way, i feel the same: like a teenager with cozy feet.

puffy is so cute--cute and annoying, that is. he was whining at me all morning for more people food (little does he know it is laced with medicine). what a life he's got. he smells really bad right now too. oh dogs....can't live with 'em but miss 'em when they are gone (hmmm....depending on who you ask, you might get that same answer from some women on living with men).

so alongside my super-trendy fashion choices and the little white fur ball that has kept me busy today, my day, thus far, has made me extremely happy. it was like God spiked my water this morning with happiness--for some reason i've just been beaming all day. i was driving this morning thinking about Jesus and special people and my sisters and the sunshine....and i couldn't help but smile. with all that has been on my mind, i am honestly a bit surprised that i am so lighthearted about life--but that just proves God's magic even more! He is totally duderific.

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