Saturday, January 21, 2006

playing my cards right

God is pretty funny sometimes; all the time actually, He just tends to make me realize it more at certain times than others.

He definitely makes me realize it when i wake up and think my clock is an hour ahead, sending me into a frantic fury of morning routine...until i realize that i am actually 30 minutes early.

He makes me realize it when i learn that the human body is a fine-tuned machine innately built to be more complicated than my measley human mind can comprehend.

He makes me realize it when i get a seriously humorous, genuinely meaningful gift from somebody special :) and both God and this somebody make me smile... a lot.

and....He especially makes me realize his Divine sense of humor when i am playing an apples to apples game with 14 other people and out of all hundred-something cards in the deck i could get.....he gives me one that says my favorite word this week!!. it is, after all, the newest word of habit--a gentle reminder of how God feels about me and how i should strive to continually feel about Him!

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