Monday, January 30, 2006

special one

heard a story in church last night.
about God speaking through the most unexpected people.
it made me think about what messages i might be missing. time to slow down....time to listen.

i think it went something like this.

a man was praying early one morning, around 6:30 just when the sun was peaking over the horizon. it was his time, his God time...his alone time.

his young son had been sternly warned by the mother to never interrupt his father's time. and the son respected that. weeks went by and the son was cautious to creep ever-so-quietly down the stairs past his father praying in the living room and into the kitchen where the son would patiently wait until his daddy finished.

but one morning, as the father was praying, he heard the usual pitter-patter of little feet. and just when he least expected it, a small, warm hand touched reached out and touched him. the father looked up into the eyes of his son and was amazed when, out of the blue, his son said,

"hi, special one."

now, the father had never heard his son call him 'special one' before. he thought he'd heard wrong. but again and again, over 6 times, the little boy said quietly, "hi, special one".

and it was then that the father knew....knew that God had spoken directly, albeit unexpectedly, through his son. and it amazed him that God answered because that day, his prayer was to feel special.

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