Wednesday, January 25, 2006

God's hand

you don't change, you just become more transparent.
well, how do you become more transparent? do you have to take LSD?
no silly. imagine a glass house covered with dirt, mud, and a lot of other junk.
i'm following you.
and you wash it clean until it sparkles.
right on.
well, the house hasn't really changed.
it's clean.
but the essence of what it is hasn't changed. it has just become more transparent. you just shine by become more who you already are.
you know miss humphrey told us something in art class once. she said some dude asked Michelangelo how he knew to sculpt David.
what did he say?
he just chipped away at everything that wasn't David.
--exerpt from Coffee Will Make You Black, by April Sinclair

i can see it. already i can tell that God is working; working in my life and the lives of those around me.

i can tell that God is present, is alive, and is changing the hearts of His people. i can tell because of instances that could not be coincidences. i can tell because of my smile, my glow lately. i can tell because of fulfilled dreams and ever-present doubts; open doors and closed windows. i can tell because of the love, the friendship, the comfort i find in people. and i can tell, most of all, because i feel free. finally free to let God work without regard to my plans or my future....i've given Him the chisel and he's at work getting rid of all the 'stone' that He didn't intend to be part of me.

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