Monday, November 14, 2005


doubt sees the obstacles
faith sees the way
doubt sees the darkest night
faith sees the day
doubt dreads to take a step
faith soars on high
doubt questions who believes
faith answers "i".
-author unknown

definitely woke up this morning filled. feeling good about this day, this week...the prospects for the rest of this year. feeling good that i have no reason to worry (although i am guilty of doing so anyway). feeling good that God is totally in the drivers seat right now. its an amazing feeling--to be so out of control and yet so at peace. kind of ironic really.

talked with my mom last night (and today...twice). her support is unending. so thanks, mom. your love and unconditional acceptance is more appreciated than words can express. oh, and by the way, you totally inspire me. (just thought you'd want to know...if you ever get around to reading my blog).

another side note: totally looking forward to this weekend...hopefully weather will cooperate so i can shoot a couple rolls of film :)

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