Sunday, November 20, 2005


early morning tomorrow--um, i mean today.

its been an amazing weekend. a weekend i am so thankful for. thankful for so many things. but most of all thankful for moments.

sharing. caring. discovering. laughing. stories and fun and dancing. talking and feelings and talents and moments. moments that i will never get again. moments that i cherish. moments that i remember and smile.

totally relishing in my moments. but also realizing i am missing some very important moments in the lives of two very special young ladies. so....praying for all their moments--that they might be filled with God's love and grace and discernment, that they might follow Him with ever fiber of their being, and that they too will learn to appreciate the moments. because the truth is that when 50 years of time and trials have passed, what will remain are the moments.

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Anonymous said...

...and now she not only has herself plastered on the net, but now has brought her blood related lil ones into the fold of it all. I am not sure how I feel about this. HuhMhUmH, they are all three sure cute girls though, I think the cutest in the world. God sure is a great potter! Remember He is not finished with you yet; He continues to do His work in molding every day! So hang on and expect the master potter to mold you into fatwogs--faithful and true Women of God! Hang on to your shorts, the ride is awesome! Bless your journey

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