Thursday, November 17, 2005


my finger hurts. really bad. wanna know why?

well....long story, actually. so i'm in this not-so-great class called Comparative Physiology. a class where we dissect live frogs and mix up their brains and throw their bodies away while their hearts are still beating (wow...that sounds really morbid). and in this not-so-great class we have these less-than-great independent projects where we pair up with people in our lab and independently create an experiment, maniuplate varibles, and carry our planned experiment proposal out--collecting, statistically analyzing, and interpreting data. pretty fun.

so this project of mine. kinda silly idea idea to stick needles in myself 4+ times a day to measure my blood glucose level (i.e. my blood diabetics do). and well, the most logical place to get blood is from my fingertip. which leads me to the part of this story: MY FINGER HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really bad. i have poked it--in the same spot--9 (yes. you read that correctly N-I-N-E) times today. ouch.

but other than my throbbing finger right now...things are great :) really great actually. thanking the Lord that i am not diabetic. totally new sense of empathy for them. totally.

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Anonymous said...

Yo jj,
its just a "lil finger" for goodness sakes~just be thankful that more of you doesn't hurt+think of all those people who don't have a choice. now maybe some positive thought waves could filter through those fingers and get some homework done. besides that, i am not certain i like all of the details i find in these journaling pages, tho, nice idea to write things down but maybe not on the www.and then post it for the world to see...there are stockers out there you know, think maybe you better talk with me b 4 you continue with this way of doing things. signed urovrprtectvlilmzee

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