Tuesday, November 15, 2005


totally needing an outlet right now. ugh.

tired of school. tired of homework. tired of not liking what i'm learning. tired of listening to teachers ramble on and on about nothing important at all. tired of trying to remember words and definitions and equations for things that are obviously common sense. tired of cramming my brain full of information and not remembering any of it when the time comes to regurgitate. tired of trying so hard. just tired.

wondering if this is supposed to be a sign. maybe God is trying to tell me something about my pursuits of higher education...(i.e. medical school)? wondering if maybe, just maybe, this is supposed to be a sign to never again pick the teachers that i have (with the exception of one). honestly wondering what the heck God was thinking when He decided to give me this semester. ugh. ugh. and ugh.

i am so looking forward to christmas break right now. YES! first break from school in 12 months :)

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