Monday, November 21, 2005


just taking a quick moment to rest my brain.

woke up this morning exactly 12 minutes before i had to leave. yuck.

pulled some crazy muscle in my back in ballet because our teacher doesn't let us stretch before we have to do backbends. yuck.

last 4 hours spent outlining and citing for my paper due tomorrow. yuck.

currently on page 2 of my 15-page Psychology of Trauma paper (that, by the way, is the one due tomorrow). yuck.

probably won't go to bed tonight. yuck.

mushrooms. yuck.

my feelings about school right now. yuck.

don't worry. "yuck" doesn't sum up everything in my life. there are lots of "yums" too. maybe the next time i rest my brain tonight i will write about my "yums".

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