Tuesday, November 22, 2005


second long break tonight..my list of "yums", as promised.

on page 11 of my paper! yum.

vanilla milk i am drinking right now. yum.

cold cold cold water i am drinking right now. yum.

thanksgiving in 2 days!!! yum.

my theme song for the night: Wave on Wave (by Pat Green). yum. [reason for this choice as my theme song: feeling that my papers has come in waves--i just wrote about 2 pages in 20 minutes but stared blankly at my screen for previous hour.]

excited to play with my camera in the snow in Sunriver. yum.

new people in my life. yum.

also loving "Somebody Like You" by Keith Urban right now. yum.

Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell (ha! that one is for you Jon!) yum.

erase all the "yucks" from before....my life is one big "yum". so much to be thankful for. so much i totally don't deserve.

1 comment:

Jon said...

Zach Morris! He is such a darn stud! Funny things, as I ate my cereal this morning before work I turned on the Television. Guess what was on....Saved by the Bell! So great! Hope the paper went alright! See you later today!


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