Thursday, November 03, 2005

in the midst of it all

in the midst of cold weather and first frosts and winter jackets this early in november, i am finding warmth in hot chocolate, big blankets, and naps.

in the midst of decisions about life and medical school and going or not going, i am finding direction for my life.

in the midst of studying for 5.5 hours tonight for my test on friday, i am finding humor in sunflower seeds and "receptor adaptation".

in the midst of a new direction for my heart, i am feeling God totally in control.

in the midst of running errands and homework and work, i am finding creative outlets and relief.

in the midst of learning and cramming my brain full of endless information that many times i doubt i will use again, i am finding more and more room to fit it in.

in the midst of change, of uncertainty, of indecision, i am finding west virginia medical school interview invites in my email inbox.

and in the midst of daily life, with all the distractions, complications, and lack of assurance, i am finding God.....and the pretty flowers he made.

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